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8 Great Benefits Water Provides For Your Skin

Everything feels dry this time of year.


From the stuffy indoor conditions to the bitterly cold winds that blow through much of the country, it’s hardly surprising that your skin might feel so dry that all the moisture in the world can’t rehydrate it.


If this sounds like you, your skin might be desperate for the hydration of the H20 variety. You can replenish your skin from the outside in by drinking more water throughout the day.


Not sure why water will make such a difference in your complexion?


These benefits might be eye-opening.


8 Most Significant Benefits of Water for Your Skin


Water is an invaluable resource for your entire body.


Not only does it play an essential role in digestion, nutrient absorption, toxin elimination and blood circulation, but water also profoundly affects the health of your body’s biggest organ: Your skin.


1. Detoxification and Heart Health


Water helps everything flow through your body, meaning that it works as a natural detoxifier.


Increasing your hydration level will improve circulation, letting your excretory system pull out toxins before they can affect your skin.


2. Fends Off Breakouts


Staying hydrated keeps your skin free of breakouts because it decreases the natural concentration of oil on your skin. Too little water, and the oil on your skin can become thick enough to clog your pores.


3. Natural Anti-Aging Treatment


If looking younger than your age sounds appealing, then keep your water bottle handy. Drinking water can enhance your skin and help it retain its soft and supple appearance.


4. Combats Skin Disorders


Crazy as it sounds, drinking water can help your body combat skin disorders like psoriasis and eczema. This is because water increases your metabolic rate and helps your body flush out toxins faster so that they are less likely to cause irritation.


5. Reduces Stress-Related Damage


Your skin is one of the first places that stress makes itself known, but spending time in water can reduce this damage.


Consider taking a nice cold shower or soak in a cold tub for several minutes to calm your nerves and rejuvenate your skin.


6. Reduces Eye Puffiness


Adding a cold water compress to your evening routine can help keep under-eye inflammation under control.


Splashing cold water on your eyes causes the surface to tense up, reducing eye puffiness so that your skin doesn’t look strained.


7. Eliminates Redness


Bathing in cold water gets rid of irritation and redness, and it even prepares your pores for easier makeup application by sealing them shut so irritations can’t get in.


8. Improves Hair Texture


While not necessarily a benefit for your skin, bathing in cold water can do wonders for you.


Completing your shower with a cold rinse will leave your strands shiny and glossy, and it can also prevent dirt from building up on your scalp.


Rely on Water for Better Skin Health


If you want to enhance your complexion without artificial ingredients, then you can’t go wrong with water.


Staying well hydrated and incorporating cold water into your beauty regimen might just do wonders for your skin.

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