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Are you sure that you are washing your face properly? 9 common mistakes to avoid!

Washing your face is something that you have been doing since you were a child, and you probably have a pretty good understanding of how it’s done.  But there are 9 Common Mistakes that we need to avoid as we get older.

Skip The Hot Water

Hot water not only dries out your face, but it also dilates the blood vessels and can break the delicate tissues of your face.  Choose lukewarm or cool water instead.

Take Your Foot Off The Scrubbing Pedal

Overzealous scrubbing does not get your face any cleaner than employing a gentle circular motion, but can, in fact, irritate your skin.

Don’t Be Excessive

Washing your face twice a day is sufficient.  Unless you exercised and worked up a sweat, washing more than twice a day is unnecessary.  

Don’t Go To Bed With Your Face On

It does not matter how tired you are, you must wash off your makeup!  Even if you do not wear makeup, oils and sweat accumulate on your skin’s surface during the day and should be washed off to prevent clogging the pores.

Always Wash Your Face In The Morning

Heading out the door with an unwashed face is NOT a good look.  A morning wash is a must do to gently remove the oil accumulation from a night of sleep.

Use Makeup Remover

Your regular facial cleanser is not sufficient to remove your makeup.  You need to use makeup remover wipes or facial oils especially for the eye area where the makeup is usually waterproof.

Remember To Remove The Remover

Makeup removers are great for getting all that stuff off your face, but they leave a residue behind so follow up with your regular facial cleanser.

Pick The Right Cleanser

There are skin cleansers for every skin type.  Find out what your skin type is and use the appropriate products.  Don’t assume that something that works really well for a friend will be appropriate for you.

Don’t Undo Your Hard Work.

We have gone through all the above steps, but there is one more thing- what are you using to dry your face? Don’t let your answer be “ My shower towel that I use to dry my body”!  That would simply spread the bacteria on your body to your face! Use a separate face towel.

By following these simple tips, your face will be properly cleansed and ready for anything!

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