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About Lomelin Skin Brightening Cream 30g



“ After six weeks of twice daily use I can really see the difference in the tone of my skin – it’s clearer and brighter with a nice rosy glow! “
Lisamarie, Beauty blogger, www.beautycrazed.ca

Bright, healthy skin looks glowing and even toned, and needs the perfect solution for radiance that dull and hyperpigmented skin lacks. Lomelin has two clinically proven ingredients, Alpha Arbutin from the evergreen Bearberry bush, and Melaslow, a Japanese Citrus Unshiu Peel Extract, that work together to reach below the surface to the epidermis of the skin, to suppress the production of melanin, and prevent it from returning, effectively brightening overall skin tone for radiant, luminous skin.

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Decreases hyperpigmentation and evens out the complexion

Alpha Arbutin
Improves the appearance of dark spots and brightens the overall complexion

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