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Lomelin Skin Brightening Cream Review By Beauty Expert Rachelle Young

There are some products on the market that you look at and you have to wonder if they actually work. You WANT them to work, but do they really? More often than not I end up passing over items like this because I just figure it’s a gimmick – something that the brand wants me to believe, but that won’t actually show any visible results. It’s a cynical outlook really – but I’m sure it’s one that we’ve all encountered when looking at a shelf full of skincare items that promise you better, brighter skin.

I’m so glad to say that Lomelin – a skin brightening cream that promises to brighten skin appearance from excessive sun exposure, freckles and brown spots – has turned this nay-sayer into a believer (and I’ve got the photos to prove it!)

Lomelin – Skin Brightening Cream
Lomelin, in the brand’s own words, is “a gentle, non-irritating formulation to brighten overall skin appearance and dark spots”. The targeted usage is anywhere on your body – it doesn’t have to just be on your face.

The active ingredients in Lomelin are 2% Alpha Arbutin (a new more gentler derivative of hydroquinone with all the positive suppressing effects on melanin production without any harsh side effects) and 5% Melaslow (a nature-based citrus unshiu peel extract which evens out the skin tone and reduces age spots).

The instructions say that the product should be used on the affected area twice a day – morning and night – and that results should appear gradually, but that noticeable improvement would be visible within 6 to 8 weeks. I had no sensitivities to the application and it felt like any other lotion/cream that I routinely to my body. The only real difference is that the product itself doesn’t have the best scent to my nose and I found it a little bit icky. That being said, I am *hyper* sensitive to smells and when I asked my husband to smell the container he said he couldn’t smell anything at all.

Testing out Lomelin on my arms
I decided to test the product out on one of my forearms so that you would be able to see a visible difference (if there was one). I have some sun damage and freckling on my forearms from years of playing around outside in the summer: running, swimming, soccer, etc., and I figured that would be the easiest way to show a difference.

My forearms compared side by side
I applied Lomelin solely to my right arm (marked “Test arm” above) and left my left arm (“Control arm”) alone. The photo you’re seeing above is after 3.5 weeks of using Lomelin (morning and night) and there is actually a noticeable difference! I was floored! I hadn’t been expecting that amount of freckle reduction in such a short time frame.

Initially I thought it was just me seeing things – but when I told my friend I was reviewing a skincare product for an upcoming post and asked him what differences he saw in my arms, the VERY FIRST THING he mentioned was that I had less freckles on my right arm. I couldn’t believe it – the fact that he managed to pinpoint the difference without any prompting was incredible!

Lomelin – Skin Brightening Cream
So in short, YES, Lomelin actually works to reduce hyper pigmentation! I had no side effects and it only took about three weeks to see actual results.

Another amazing thing? Lomelin isn’t expensive. A 30 gram tub will set you back $44.99 CAD. For visible results? I’d say that’s a really good price tag.

And psssst… they’re Canadian!

So let me know if this is something you’re interested in. Have you tried skin brightening treatments before? Have they worked? This is the first time I’ve ever been able to say that I saw a real difference, and I have to say I’m impressed!

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