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Seven Ways Aging Affects Your Skin and How to Fight Them

You know this already but here’s a gentle reminder – every morning you wake up a little older than the day before!

Skin is one of the first places you show the signs of aging, and your face is front and center for the impact.

To get a better idea of what happens to you physically as you grow older, it’s important to understand the ways that aging first affects your skin.

7 Ways that Aging Affects Your Skin (And How to Stop It!)

No one ages in the same way and your process will vary depending on many lifestyle factors. Regardless, most skin goes through these seven changes as you get older.

1.  Signs of Sun Damage

Decades in the sunshine begin to take a toll on your face by breaking elastin fibers so that your skin starts to sag and stretch. A lifetime of tanning and sunburns can also lead to lots of dark-hued age spots and other signs of damage.

REMEDY:  Make sure you always slather on the sunscreen before going outside.  Apply this everyday even if you are in your car or indoors for most of the day, as UV rays still get in!

2. ‘Laugh Lines’ Under Your Eyes

Studies have shown that laughter may lead to a longer life.  One effect of smiling and laughing often may be laugh or smile lines at the corners of your eyes, which is small price to pay for indulging in such a happy habit!

REMEDY:  Drink several glasses of water daily to keep your skin hydrated. Click Here  

Additionally, a bit of well-placed foundation can hide the evidence.

3.  Less Natural Plumpness

As you age, you begin to lose some of your natural collagen, a protein responsible for keeping things looking plump. If you let it go too far, you’ll start to sag

REMEDY:  Replenish your collagen levels with collagen-boosting skin products.

4.  Age Spots

A dewy complexion isn’t as easy to come by as you age, meaning that your skin is likely to become a little rougher, less evenly textured, and likely to develop areas of dark pigmentation called age spots.

REMEDY:  You can use a product with all-natural ingredients like Lomelin Skin Brightening Cream to reduce the appearance of these spots so your skin stays fresh.

5.  Less Elasticity

You know how your workouts feel harder as you get older? Older skin takes longer to ‘bounce back’ as well, causing it to hang a little looser on your arms and thighs.

REMEDY:  Continue to exercise as usual.  Your skin will stay more toned, regardless of your age.

6.  Thinner Skin (Literally)

As you age, the epidermis layer of your skin begins to thin. You’re likely to notice this change in texture as an increasingly ‘papery’ feeling to your skin, especially on your face and under your arms.

REMEDY:  Again, regular exercise is ideal to increase blood flow to various layers of your skin. Exercise results in robust circulation and helps to maintain your skin’s vibrancy and health.

7.“Sleep” and  Creases

Strangely enough, the way you sleep will affect how your face ages. Sleeping on your side each night will cause sleep creases to become more common in your forehead as your skin loses its elasticity.

REMEDY:  A simple solution? Sleep on your back instead.

Best Ways to Fight the Effects of Aging on Your Skin

Aging is unavoidable, but you can prevent your skin from showing every effect.

Devoting your time to a healthier lifestyle and quality skin care routine including a gentle skin brightener like Lomelin can refresh your skin, reduce dark pigmentation, and restore your complexion.

So start today! The health of your skin is worth it.

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