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The Top 5 Ways Regular Exercise Can Give You Great Skin!

Getting gorgeous skin can be as easy as a walk in the park — literally.

Regular exercise — like walking — has been proven to be an effective way to promote healthy skin and stave off the ravages of time.

In fact, exercise not only increases the beauty of your skin on the surface but contributes to nourishing your skin from the inside as well.

Let’s look at some expert advice on exercising for healthy, younger looking skin.

The Skin Benefits of Regular Exercise

Exercise does a body good — inside and out.

Here are five ways that participating in your favourite exercise — be it walking, running, yoga, Pilates, or any number of other activities — can promote a younger, healthier complexion.

1. Increased Blood Flow

Exercise that gets your heart pumping moves vital nutrients and oxygen to your skin, nourishing it and promoting a healthy glow.

Good blood flow also assists in removing those age-promoting substances — free radicals — from your cells for younger-looking, more healthy skin.

2. Removal of Toxins

There’s been a lot of emphasis on detoxification in the press these days — and with good reason. Getting rid of toxins and waste products helps your body stay in prime condition and top health.

Exercise makes you sweat, and that sweat helps to remove cellular debris and surface toxins from your skin, cleansing it from the inside out.

Sweating also helps keep pores clear of dirt and reduce blackheads and breakouts.

3. Improved Sleep

Regular exercise does more than just improve muscle tone and cardiovascular fitness — it has an enormous impact on your sleep cycle.

Studies show that exercise is directly associated with improved sleep quality, and that directly benefits your skin.

Poor sleep quality is directly associated with lowered skin barrier function and other signs of ageing, all of which can be minimised with regular participation in your favourite exercise.

4. Stress Relief

Keeping your stress levels low is important to manage inflammation, a known cause of skin ageing.

In fact, studies show that heightened stress is connected with increased inflammation in the dermal layer.

Fortunately, exercise is the perfect way to lower stress and anxiety levels in an easy-to-manage way.

5. Better Immunity

When your lymph system — the part of your body that gets rid of metabolic waste and other immunity-busting garbage — is functioning well, you’re healthier.

But when that system is sluggish, you’re more prone to colds, viruses, and other maladies that can leave you looking puffy and tired.

Just doing something to make your heart and lungs work harder is enough to get your lymph moving and a safe, gentle way of returning that vibrant glow to your skin.

Preventing Dark Spots — One of the Best Tips for Radiant Skin

If you suffer from dark spots and hyperpigmentation, consider adding sun protection while you’re exercising to protect your skin from skin-aging UV rays.

A good sun cream coupled with a broad-brimmed hat and long-sleeved, breathable clothing can help prevent additional freckles and hyperpigmentation.

If you need extra help evening out skin tone, consider using a skin brightening product like Lomelin™. Suitable for all types of skin, Lomelin™ works in as few as six weeks to fade dark spots and give you the bright, even complexion you deserve.

Combining a good exercise program for increased blood flow, cell nourishment, and reduced inflammation with a skin-tone evener like Lomelin™ can help you put your best face forward.

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