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Top Dermatologists Give The Inside Scoop On Best Skin Care Practices

What does it take to get skin so stunning even a dermatologist would be jealous of it?


As it turns out, lots of preventative care and a few key products.


We scoured the internet for skincare advice from industry-leading dermatologists so that we could share their opinions with you.

Take it seriously.


These ladies care for skin for a living, so they certainly know what they are talking about.


Wear Lots of Sunscreen


Almost every dermatologist around will tell you how damaging too much sunshine is for your skin, and Dr. Doris Day at Day Dermatology and Aesthetics is no different.


She recommends applying sunscreen to the neck, chest, and hands every time you go outside, as these are some of the fastest aging places on your body and easy places to forget to protect.


Wear a Skin Tanner


If you want a skin-kissed complexion without all the damage, Dr. Ranella Hirsch, MD recommends relying on a drugstore skin tanner instead.


You’ll get a gorgeous glow, and no one but you will know that it isn’t all natural. Best of all, a little color can quickly take years off your face.


Stay Stress-Free


The best way to keep your skin looking stunning is not to degrade it in the first place, and carrying chronic stress is one of the quickest ways to wreak havoc on your complexion.


Dr. Annie Chiu recommends taking time out each day to get your stress levels under control and be especially intentional about turning off your cell phone before bed so you don’t spend your last minutes awake and feeling anxious.


Get Lots of Sleep


Your skin best repairs itself while you sleep, so it’s important to set it up for success before you go to bed.


Dr. Francesca Fusco recommends keeping your evening skincare products in plain sight in a cute container so that you feel encouraged to use them each evening.


Practice Yoga


Exercise is excellent for you for dozens of reasons, but now you can add your skin to the list.


Dr. Hema Sundaram recommends practicing yoga each day to improve circulation and get oxygen flowing throughout your body so that you get a long-lasting yoga glow.


Even better, a regular yoga routine can reduce inflammation and slow down the aging process in your skin.


Stay Away from Diet Soda


You might think you are making a better choice for your skin, but Dr. Audrey Kunin recommends staying away from diet soda if you don’t want your eyes and jawline to look puffy.


If you must indulge, she suggests switching to a sodium-free option that won’t overinflate your skin.


Keep Your Grains Whole


When you eat simple carbs and sugars, they break down in your body in a process called glycation, which damages your natural collagen and wrecks the smooth, firm texture we all crave.


Dr. Naila Malik recommends sticking to low-glycemic carbs like whole grains instead, so that your body won’t damage your collagen while it processes them.


Relax Your Face (Especially at Night)


It’s all too common to scrunch up your face while you sleep, which can lead to some unfortunate wrinkles.


A solution, according to Dr. Jessica Wu, is to relax your face with facial acupressure by pressing on your inner eyebrows, temples, and sides of the nose for ten seconds each before bed.



Use Water-Fortified Products for Hydrated Skin


No matter how much water you drink throughout the day, Dr. Dendy Engleman still recommends using water-fortified products to enhance your skin from the outside in.


Stay Away from Hot Water


Overly hot water can actually dry out your face, which is why Dr. Elizabeth Tanzi recommends never using anything warmer than lukewarm water when washing your skin.


Exfoliate Regularly


When you really need your skin to shine, Dr. Yelena Yeretsky recommends doing a home-based exfoliation treatment to reduce swelling, under eye bags, and general redness.


Her favorite products contain hydrocortisone cream to act as a natural anti-inflammatory and keep her skin looking its best.


Use Your Lips as a Signal for the Rest of Your Face


If your lips are dry, according to Dr. Ellen Marmur, that is a sign that the rest of your face needs some extra moisture as well. You can rely on your lips as a signal to lotion up.


Sunscreen Up Before a Flight


It’s easy to forget that flying can be dangerous to your skin, but being thousands of feet closer to the sun can cause damage. Dr. Amy Wechsler always puts on a heavy dose of SPF 50 before getting on a plane, and she recommends that you do the same.


Take the Advice of Experts and Care for Your Skin!


These dermatologists know a thing or two about optimal skin care, so it pays to take their advice seriously. You will be glad that you did!


We would love to hear how these tips worked for you!

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