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You Can Have A Radiant Complexion! Here’s How…

When it comes to feeling confident, a clear complexion is a great place to start.


If only skin was willing to cooperate.


Instead, most of us spend our lives fighting dry patches, acne breakouts, and skin dullness, leading many people to cover their natural skin in an arsenal of beauty products each day.


By understanding a few fundamental principles about what it takes to make skin look healthy, you can ensure that your glowing complexion is on display each day.


What Causes Your Complexion to Lack Brilliance?


While most of us wish we could leave our acne troubles behind in high school, the truth is that most women over 25 still suffer from occasional pimple outbreaks.


Too much oil production is often to blame, but environment pollutants, humidity, diet, and even your changing hormones can all be responsible.


Regardless of their cause, there’s much you can do to clear up your complexion and restore your face to its most beautiful.


These seven tips are a place to start!


Seven Ways to Get a Glowing Complexion
Restoring your skin is as simple as treating it right. Use one (or all) of these tips to find what works for you.


1. Exfoliate Your Skin


Before you hit 20 years old, your skin cells turn over every 28 days, keeping your skin looking young and fresh.


This rate slows down as you hit your thirties and forties, which leads to dead skin cells piling up on your face and dulling your complexion[ Insert link to blog The top 6 Causes Of Dull Skin]You can slough them off every night before bed, and you’ll wake up in the morning with a smoother, more rejuvenated look.


For extra penetration, add a glycolic acid peel to your routine once a week. Your skin will look radiant long after the treatment.


2. Improve Your Diet


You have heard that you are what you eat and this is absolutely reflected on your face. A steady diet of refined, fatty, and sugary foods leads gradually to dry, wrinkled, and dull skin which lacks that look of hydration and health that we all want. A change in your diet to include more fruits, greens, lean proteins and healthy fats will lead to an improvement in your skin. Don’t forget to add in half your body weight of water to flush out those toxins from your body!


3. Freshen Up with Botanical Oils


Forget traditional lotions – you can keep your face even healthier with botanical oils.


Many contain the same lipids as your skin’s natural moisture barrier, meaning that your skin can absorb its nutrients quickly. Coconut oil is a perfect place to start, as it gives your skin a non-greasy glow without adding an overpowering scent to your skin.


4. Treat Your Skin as you Sleep


Daily life puts your skin through the wringer, so it’s smart to restore your appearance while you sleep.


Skin cells best repair themselves from the regular damage of dehydration and too much sugar when you sleep, so you can tend to your skin from the inside out by getting at least eight hours of sleep each night.


5. Wear Lots of Sunscreen


We all know how damaging too much sunshine can be for their skin, but that doesn’t mean we always do what’s best.


Even so, you can’t be too careful with your sunscreen application if you want to keep your complexion in peak form.


If you struggle to motivate yourself to put the SPF on each morning, just remind yourself that it’s much easier to prevent skin damage than to repair it.


6. Clean Makeup Brushes Between Use


Makeup brushes might look unassuming, but they can be toxic bacteria traps that spread oils and acne around your face.


To keep your complexion clear, it’s essential to regularly clean out your brushes so that you stop the spread of bacteria before it has a negative impact on your face.


Just mix in a few drops of facial cleanser in a cup of lukewarm water, and swish your brushes around a few times to freshen them up.


7. Use A Skin Brightening Cream


The lack of a glow on your skin can show up as an overall dullness or even dark spots. The use of a gentle skin brightening cream can reduce the dark spots by blocking your skin’s melanin production to help smooth out the uneven tone of your skin and restore its radiance.


Care for Your Skin for a Clear Complexion


Your skin’s appearance is a reflection of how you care for it. By taking the time to keep it healthy, you can ensure you have a glowing complexion for years to come. Please share any additional tips that you might have. We would love to hear from you!

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